As a factory-direct company, we lead the way in grinding innovation by channeling customer feedback into new equipment solutions.

Innovative Grinding EquipmentInnovative Grinding Equipment

History of Innovation

In 1990, when most grinders were designed merely for “volume reduction,” we launched the Rotochopper brand with a unique focus on converting waste materials to end products as efficiently as possible. Through over 25 years of engineering grinding equipment, we have remained committed to the belief that waste materials are simply opportunities in need of the right solutions. We draw upon customer input to engineer “Perfect In One Pass” equipment solutions for challenging grinding applications. With this singular focus on customer success, we lead the grinding industry in innovation.

Early Rotochopper Pallet GrinderEarly Rotochopper Pallet Grinder

1990 - 1994

  • First turnkey paper bedding system
  • First purpose-built pallet grinder
  • First horizontal grinder with a steel slat infeed conveyor
Early Grind and Color SystemEarly Grind and Color System

1995 - 1999

Early CP-118 DesignEarly CP-118 Design

2000 - 2004

Track & Dolly SystemTrack & Dolly System

2005 - 2010

  • First purpose-built asphalt shingle grinder
  • Rotating anvil
  • Concentric powerfeed lift (patented)
  • Electric-drive auxiliary hydraulics to allow screen changes with the engine disabled
  • Bale pre-processing system
  • First horizontal grinder with standard on-board colorizer system
  • Replaceable-mount rotor
  • Biomass rotor
  • Track and dolly system
  • Two-stage fine grinding systems with hammermills
Abrasion PackageAbrasion Package

2010 - 2014

piles of mulch multiple colorspiles of mulch multiple colors

2015 - present

Commitment to the CustomerCommitment to the Customer

Track Record of Success

As an employee-owned company, we are uniquely dedicated to innovation and new products. But innovation is more than milestones. It’s more than new ideas and new designs. Innovation in grinding equipment means a new approach to waste materials and recycling. The only benchmark for innovation is customer satisfaction and success. The history of Rotochopper is a history of innovation. But more importantly, it’s a history of dedication to customer success.