Rotochopper headquarters front of new office buildingRotochopper headquarters front of new office building

Philosophy & Mission

Rotochopper is founded on a unique philosophy toward waste materials and an unwavering mission to create sustainable solutions.

B-66 Producing Colored MulchB-66 Producing Colored Mulch


As a grinding equipment manufacturer known for innovation, we believe that sustainability starts with the right philosophy, not just the right technology. We launched the Rotochopper brand with the belief that grinding equipment should do more than just reduce the volume of waste heading to landfill. We founded Rotochopper on the belief that waste materials are opportunities for economic growth and environmental sustainability. We remain committed to supplying the solutions that will maximize the value of your raw materials by transforming them into premium products as profitably as possible. 

welding rakers on a rotor with a wire feed welderwelding rakers on a rotor with a wire feed welder


Our mission is to create economically and environmentally sustainable solutions for challenging fiber sizing applications by supplying practical grinding equipment. To achieve this goal, we are uniquely focused on customer satisfaction and profitability. We are committed to our humble beginnings as a small town Mid-Western company and dedicated to growth by unlocking the potential of our most valuable resource—our people.

Core Values

Belief in our people. We believe our employees have capabilities beyond their own realization and offer the opportunity and mentoring for them to achieve those capabilities.

Customer service. We are emphatic about listing to our customers’ needs and we develop innovative solutions to meet those needs.

Integrity. We earn the trust of our customers by standing behind our product and doing whatever it takes to ensure their satisfaction.

Pride. We are humble yet proud of our work and are dedicated to making the best equipment available and backing it with unsurpassed customer service.

Caring. We are an extended family. We support and trust each other. We treat each other with respect. When failure occurs, we learn from the failure and we do not make it personal.

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