Rotochopper RMT hammermill open screenRotochopper RMT hammermill open screen


  • UP TO 500HP
  • 10" x 30-60" Mill Opening
  • Electric Motor

The RMT Hammermill is designed to integrate in-line with a Rotochopper grinder to effortlessly produce fine texture products like animal bedding.

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RMT HammermillRMT Hammermill

Fine Grinding Simplified

Nothing beats the simplicity and reliability of a hammermill for fine grinding applications. Rotochopper hammermills are designed for fast, easy maintenance and hassle-free operation.


Hands-off Operation

Our hammermills operate with minimal supervision or maintenance downtime.

Streamlined Integration

Our hammermills operate in perfect sync with our horizontal grinders.

Scaled to Your Needs

The complete system can be scaled to match your volume of raw material.

Two Stage Fine Grinding System

This video shows how a Rotochopper multi-stage fine grinding system takes raw wood waste down to animal bedding in a single pass.

Quick Specs


  • 10" x 30 - 60" mill opening
  • Bi-direction mill rotation
Power Supply
  • 150 - 500 hp electric motor
  • Flex coupler
  • Solid state soft start
Rotochopper Fine Grinding System EC-366 RMT Hammermill pallets animal poultry beddingRotochopper Fine Grinding System EC-366 RMT Hammermill pallets animal poultry bedding

“Poultry markets prefer lighter, fluffier bedding materials, and the Rotochopper two-stage system can produce this type of bedding efficiently.”

—Wade Kohler, Pioneer Packaging

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Ready to learn how a Rotochopper multi-stage grinding system can simplify your fine grinding operation?

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