Rotochopper RG-1 E electric asphalt shingle grinderRotochopper RG-1 E electric asphalt shingle grinder

RG-1 E Electric Asphalt Shingle Grinder

  • UP TO 600HP
  • 64,000lbs
  • 20" x 56" Feed Opening
  • Electric Motor

Rotochopper shingle grinding technology minimizes wear costs and maximizes uptime. The RG-1 E further simplifies shingle grinding with the reliability and low cost operation of electric power.

Unmatched Efficiency

The electric powered RG-1 E grinds asphalt shingles to finished specifications with remarkably low operating and maintenance costs. Rotochopper shingle grinders completely changed the game for shingle recyclers by dramatically reducing wear costs, downtime, and hassle. With the enhanced efficiency and reliability of electric power, the RG-1 E offers an unbeatably low cost per ton of RAS.


Unmatched Efficiency

The RG-1 E adds the efficiency of electric power to our standard-setting shingle recycling technology.

Consistent Uptime

With the RG-1 E, we've raised the bar that we set for uptime in shingle recycling equipment. 

Simplified Maintenance

The RG-1 E maximizes the benefits of electric power, making it the simplest shingle grinder to maintain.

Quick Specs


  • Length: 43'
  • Width: 10'
  • Height: 13' 6"
  • Weight: 64,000 lbs.

Power Plant

  • 500-700 HP electric motor
  • Solid state soft start
  • Dedicated hydraulic pump motors

* Dimensions for electric models do not include discharge conveyors, which vary in length & height

Rotochopper RG-1 asphalt shingle grinder discharge recycled asphalt shinglesRotochopper RG-1 asphalt shingle grinder discharge recycled asphalt shingles

“With less wear and maintenance time, we can focus on our business, not our grinder.”

—John Krueger, Greensite Recycling

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