Welding on RotorWelding on Rotor

Engineering Philosophy

We launched the Rotochopper brand with a different attitude toward waste materials and a unique approach to grinding equipment known as “Perfect In One Pass”. Our engineering philosophy continues to create more opportunities for companies that depend on Rotochopper grinding equipment.


Different by Design

From the beginning, we have focused on equipment that converts waste materials into valuable commodities like animal bedding, landscape mulch, fuel, and compost. In 1990, when most wood waste was destined for landfilling or open burning, we launched a line of grinding equipment with a unique ability to turn waste materials into products like animal bedding and mulch. This unique engineering philosophy continues to drive our exclusive technology for waste grinding challenges.

FP-66 Grinding BarkFP-66 Grinding Bark

The Difference that Makes a Difference

The customer remains at the core of our engineering and the “Perfect In One Pass” advantage. Our engineering philosophy was different when we launched the Rotochopper brand, and it continues to create unique opportunities for our customers.  We are committed to providing sustainable solutions for waste materials with innovative grinding, shredding, and bagging equipment.

Core Engineering Principles


As a factory-direct company, we work closely with our customers, channeling their feedback into new equipment solutions.

From Liabilities to Opportunities

We are committed to engineering equipment that turns waste into opportunities for profitability and sustainability.

“Perfect In One Pass”

We continue to uphold a solid reputation for precision grinding simplicity. We engineer away the hassle of turning waste materials to products.

Uptime Trumps Everything

We design for ease of maintenance because we understand that the most innovative features don’t matter if your grinder is not running.

Ready to Learn More?

How does our unique approach to grinding equipment maximize your bottom line? Check out testimonials and videos of Rotochopper equipment in action to see our engineering philopsophy at work.