Rotochopper B-66 with colorizer grinding red colored mulchRotochopper B-66 with colorizer grinding red colored mulch

Precision Grinding Advantages

For companies that convert waste materials to premium products like colored mulch and animal bedding, our “Perfect In One Pass” grinding technology offers many advantages, from lower handling costs to higher finished product quality.

B-66 Grinding SlabwoodB-66 Grinding Slabwood

More Opportunities for Your Raw Materials

Combining precision grinding capacity with unmatched versatility, Rotochopper grinding equipment produces premium fiber commodities from a broad range of feedstocks: pallets, whole trees, wood, C & D, wood chips, bark, and even compositionally diverse materials like corn stover. With “Perfect In One Pass” grinding technology, you can capitalize on new opportunities and the best fiber markets for your raw materials. Exclusive features like our patented screen change system make it easy to quickly switch feedstocks and end products. Diversify your business, while simplifying your grinding operation.

Rotochopper CP-118 wood chips to colored mulchRotochopper CP-118 wood chips to colored mulch

Fewer Machines and Steps

Simplifying your grinding process directly translates to lower operating costs. You will get the results you need from your raw materials with fewer machines and fewer steps with Rotochopper grinders. For many grinding applications Rotochopper equipment meets end product specifications without the need for additional processing equipment, such as a screener or colorizer. Only Rotochopper offers patented technology that simultaneously grinds and colors wood fiber to produce colored landscape mulch with a single machine. Nothing streamlines your grinding operation like Rotochopper “Perfect In One Pass” engineering.

Producing Brown Colored MulchProducing Brown Colored Mulch

More from Less

Reducing the number of steps in your grinding process dramatically decreases handling costs. Each step in the grinding process that involves handling equipment like wheel loaders or excavators can quickly shrink your profit margins. Each additional step also increases the volume of material lost to spillage or over-grinding. “Perfect In One Pass” grinding precision can eliminate unnecessary handling and spillage. Bottom line, you get more for less.

FP-66 Grinding BarkFP-66 Grinding Bark

Lowest Operating Costs

The individual advantages of our “Perfect In One Pass” engineering add up to one critical difference—the results you need at the lowest operating costs. To help you consistently get those results, we take a comprehensive approach to your success that combines the right knowledge, the right equipment, and the right support. We start with expert guidance from your factory-direct regional Rotochopper representative. Then we match the grinding equipment to your unique needs. And we back each machine with world class support for the long-term success of your grinding operation.