English Change Made in the USA

Available For:

CP-118 Chip Processor Teeth & Screens

CP-118 Teeth The CP-118 Wood Chip Processor features a grinding chamber designed for optimal efficiency and ease of maintenance. Teeth and screens can be quickly changed to match different raw material consistencies and end product requirements.

CP-118 Rotor & Teeth.Screens

The screen can be quickly removed to access the rotor and teeth. Screens can be swapped in less than 15 minutes by one person using our patented screen installation system, without any tools.

Various screen styles are available to meet exact market demands.

Interchangeable Rotor Teeth

Two styles of rotor teeth are available:

  • Greenteeth® with carbide tips for clean material
  • Hardfaced teeth with embedded carbide granules for feedstock that may contain rocks and light metal

Greenteeth for the CP-118 Wood Chip Processor.Greenteeth®

Intended For:

  • Clean wood chips
  • Clean coarsely ground wood

Not Intended ForNot intended for feedstock containing rocks or metal (see Hardfaced Tooth).

Hardfaced Tooth for the CP-118 Wood Chip Processor.Hardfaced Tooth

Intended For:

  • Coarsely ground wood, bark, and wood chips that may contain rocks & light metal