Rotochopper Technology

As a factory-direct, employee-owned company we are committed to customer success through innovative grinding and shredding technology. We work directly with our customers to develop practical solutions for waste sizing and recycling challenges.

Colorizer System

Our patented grind and color technology transforms virtually any clean wood fiber to landscape mulch with the size, color, and texture consumers demand. This exclusive system injects liquid colorant directly into the grinding chamber, using the force of the grinding process to ensure uniform coloring and sizing.

Track & Dolly System

Crawler tracks minimize downtime by navigating rough terrain and cramped spaces with ease while reducing the need to transport raw material to your grinder. We’ve maximized these time-saving benefits by adding a removable transport dolly, eliminating the need for a separate lowboy trailer.

Screen Change System

Our patented screen installation system allows a single operator to change screens at ground level using only the tools integrated with the machine. Sheer pin protection limits damage and downtime from impacts with un-grindable objects entering the grinding chamber.


At the heart of every “Perfect In One Pass” grinding solution is a rotor engineered for precision grinding and streamlined maintenance. Each rotor is available with interchangeable teeth for a variety of applications.

Replaceable Mount Rotor

Our patented Replaceable Mount Rotor maximizes grinder versatility and uptime productivity by allowing the operator to quickly swap tooth mounts. 

KeyKnife Chipper Package

The Rotochopper KeyKnife Chipper Package makes it quick and easy to switch from grinding to chipping by swapping out rotor mounts and installing indexable knife mounts.

Grain Package

The grain package for Rotochopper grinders offers “Perfect In One Pass” fine milling capacity for high-moisture shell corn and other small particle products.

Electric Motor Pre-Starter

Our exclusive mechanical soft start system minimizes the cost of operating electric grinders by reducing the amperage surge that normally occurs at start-up. 


Our patented StopWatch monitoring system helps minimize damage from tramp objects by stopping and reversing the infeed conveyor the instant it detects a spike in vibration levels. 

Remote Monitoring Systems

Our remote monitoring systems give you the data and operating precision you need, right from your loader cab or your office desk. By tracking and fine tuning your operating parameters, you consistently get the results you need at the lowest operating costs.

High Abrasion Package

Our high abrasion package reduces wear costs without sacrificing performance for high abrasion grinding applications like yard waste, bark, and asphalt shingles. 


Steel Slat Conveyor Belt

Versatile and efficient, our steel slat infeed conveyors operate with less spillage and wear than drag chain or track-type conveyor belts.

Gap-less Infeed Transition

Our unique gapless infeed transition prevents loose particles from bypassing the grinding chamber and ending up in the finished product.

Aggressive Powerfeed Drum

An aggressive powerfeed roller ensures continuous traction with serrated cleats, providing controlled feeding for diverse feedstocks.

Slab Ramp

Quick and easy to adjust, our patented slab ramp offers unmatched control for pliable feedstocks like green slabwood and plastic film.

Ferrous Metal Removal

Cross-Belt Conveyor

A cross-belt conveyor is a self-cleaning plate magnet positioned above the discharge conveyor. A cross-belt conveyor can deposit separated ferrous metal on either side of the discharge conveyor.

S-Chute Magnet

An S-chute magnet offers redundant metal removal for a hammermill to help ensure the material flowing into the hammermill is completely free of ferrous metal.

Magnetic Head Pulley

Magnetic head pulleys are effective for removal of light ferrous metal, such as pallet nails. For higher metal removal, a magnetic head pulley can be paired with a cross-belt conveyor.