Rotochopper B-66 Track + Dolly + Semi unhookedRotochopper B-66 Track + Dolly + Semi unhooked

Track & Dolly System

Crawler tracks minimize downtime by navigating rough terrain and cramped spaces with ease while reducing the need to transport raw material to your grinder. We’ve maximized these time-saving benefits by adding a removable transport dolly that eliminates the need for a separate lowbed trailer.

B-66T tracking down hillB-66T tracking down hill

Maximize Your Uptime Productivity

If your grinding operation requires frequent moves between work sites and the enhanced maneuverability of tracks, the transport dolly requires less time getting ready to grind and more time producing engineered fiber commodities.

Disconnected B-66T from transport dollyDisconnected B-66T from transport dolly

Tires to Tracks in Minutes

Our Track & Dolly system switches from road travel on tires to site navigation on tracks in minutes, eliminating the wasted time of unloading and loading your grinder onto a lowbed trailer. Tracks easily navigate rough terrain and cramped spaces, dramatically reducing the time required to position semi trailers in cramped spaces.

B-66 track with dolly unhooked from semi tractorB-66 track with dolly unhooked from semi tractor

No Need for Special Tools

Powered by the main hydraulic system, our Track & Dolly system doesn’t require any special tools. Simply drive on and off the dolly with the crawler tracks and be ready for road or site transportation within minutes.

Available for


  • UP TO 1050HP
  • 65-95,000lbs
  • 66" x 36" Throat Opening
  • Diesel Engine

Our largest and most versatile grinder, the B-66 offers high volume precision grinding capacity for a broad range of feedstocks.

Full Machine Details


  • UP TO 755HP
  • 57,000lbs
  • 66" x 26" Throat Opening
  • Diesel Engine

The FP-66 offers high-volume grinding features for companies that need “Perfect In One Pass” efficiency with mid-range horsepower.

Full Machine Details

B-66 Grinding Logs Demo Day 2015

This video shows a 950 horsepower B-66 grinding logs during Demo Day 2015.
Rotochopper B-66 Track & Dolly disconnectingRotochopper B-66 Track & Dolly disconnecting

“I can pull up to a job site, unhook the semi, drop the dolly, and start grinding in less than ten minutes.”

—Matt Cournoyer, Lambert Forest Products