Railroad tie pileRailroad tie pile

Railroad Ties

Railroad ties are known for their high BTU value and steel contamination that can cause excessive downtime for equipment not designed for the challenge.

Stationary TS-2 slow-speed shredder processing railroad tiesStationary TS-2 slow-speed shredder processing railroad ties

Slow-Speed Shredders

Engineered for steady uptime and simplified maintenance, Rotochopper high-torque shredders effortlessly process railroad ties with the tie plates still attached. Tie plates and even larger pieces of steel pose no problems. Contaminated wood waste goes into the shredder, emerging ready for ferrous metal removal and final sizing by a high-speed grinder.

B-66 horizontal grinder processing railroad ties for biomass fuelB-66 horizontal grinder processing railroad ties for biomass fuel

High-Volume Grinders

The Rotochopper B-66 and B-66 E high-speed grinders offer high-volume grinding capacity along with exclusive features that minimize downtime and maintenance. The unique rotor and screen designs allow you to get back up and running quickly if damage occurs. Reduced downtime and maintenance costs, produce greater end product volumes at a lower cost per ton.

Railroad Tie Recycling Equipment


  • UP TO 630HP
  • 87,000lbs
  • 72" x 67" Shredding Table
  • Diesel Engine

The TS-2 Slow Speed Shredder dominates contaminated waste materials with rugged engineering and consistent uptime.

Full Machine Details

TS-2 EShredder

  • UP TO 600HP
  • 50,000lbs
  • 72" x 67" Shredding Table
  • Electric Motor

The TS-2 E Electric Slow-Speed Shredder offers unmatched efficiency for high-volume shredding of contaminated feedstocks.

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  • UP TO 1050HP
  • 65-95,000lbs
  • 66" x 36" Throat Opening
  • Diesel Engine

Our largest and most versatile grinder, the B-66 offers high volume precision grinding capacity for a broad range of feedstocks.

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B-66 EGrinder

  • UP TO 1,000HP
  • 59,000lbs
  • 66" x 36" Throat Opening
  • Electric Motor

The B-66 E electric grinder offers unparalleled efficiency and uptime for facilities that need high volumes of engineered fiber products.

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