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Rotochopper shredding equipment

At Rotochopper®, we engineer, manufacture, sell, and support a wide variety of waste processing and handling equipment. With help from our equipment and support technicians, thousands of businesses across the world have been able to reduce their tipping fees or turn their waste into a profitable secondary revenue stream.

As a factory-direct company with over 30 years in the industry, we work directly with our customers to offer custom, complete horizontal grinding solutions for a variety of markets, including land clearing, organic waste, C&D, tree care, pallet recycling, and more.

Horizontal Grinders and RotoLink®

Rotochopper® has been manufacturing horizontal grinders since the early 1990s, each designed to quickly process a variety of feedstocks. Our diesel grinders are perfect for operators who need mobility or tackle custom grinding jobs, while our electric grinders suit stationary operations with access to three-phase power. However, whether diesel or electric is right for your operation, you can always expect superior size consistency and efficiency.

We support our grinders with our optional RotoLink® technology. Monitor key performance indicators, adjust grinder settings, and receive regular data reports—all done remotely from any device.

Screening Equipment

At Rotochopper, our spirit of innovation means we’re always looking for new ways to meet the needs of our customers. Most recently, this has led to the expansion of our screening equipment offerings with the addition of our MT series trommels screens and TS series deck screeners.

Our screening machines are designed to provide operators with the most effective way to sort material and meet the size demands of their industry. Our unique range of screening equipment can sort, grade, and separate materials into different sizes and grades for post-processing or disposal.

Each screening machine separates the unscreened feedstock into multiple sizes of finished product, allowing your business to utilize its waste products even more efficiently.

Conveyor Systems

Rotochopper also offers conveyor systems that drive down the costs of your entire operation. Conveyors, like our radial stacking conveyor, allow for efficient material stockpiling that cuts out unnecessary material handling. By streamlining your process, eliminating extra labor costs, and reducing the amount of equipment on site, your work environment becomes safer.

Learn more about the safety and efficiency advantages of Rotochopper conveyors here.


With maximum output and full mobility, Rotochopper’s 75 and 95 DK shredders offer both efficiency and effectiveness that is tough to beat. We combine a powerful engine with a twin-rotor cutting system to create a shredder that eliminates metal and reduces abrasive materials, optimizing your wood waste for grinding. This minimizes the costs of converting materials into valuable commodities, like biomass fuel, compost, and mulch, making them even more profitable for your operation’s revenue stream.

Specialized Equipment

Besides grinders and material handling machinery, Rotochopper sells the accompanying equipment you need to maximize your operation’s profitability:

  • The GB-250 allows for efficient on-site retail bagging of your finished product
  • The RMT hammermill integrates in-line with horizontal grinders to produce fine-texture products
  • The Trailer Loading Auger System improves the efficiency of loading your finished product into trailers for transport

No matter what part of the horizontal grinding industry you’re in, Rotochopper has a solution.

Don’t let your waste go to waste. Contact one of our sales representatives today so we can help you get started with improving the efficiency and profitability of your business.

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