Rotochopper MC-266 Now Available with 540 Horsepower

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mc266 rotochopper grinder forestry slash biomass fuel

The Rotochopper MC-266 horizontal grinder is now available with up to 540 horsepower and several new options.

MC-266 Grinding Forestry Slash.
The MC-266, known for its portability and efficiency, is now available with up to 540 horsepower. The standard configuration MC-266, at 475 HP, is completely road legal without permits in most places in the US and Canada. The 540 horsepower option may affect transportation requirements for some areas.

The MC-266 is also available with several new options, including a side loading discharge conveyor for filling parallel open top trailers.

Give us a call or contact your Rotochopper sales rep for details.

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