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The Rotochopper Go-Bagger® 250 can fill and seal bags filled with landscape mulch, decorative rock, sand, compost, topsoil, and many other commodities commonly offered in retail bags.


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Featured Specifications

Icon/Weight 4,500 lbs
Icon/Diesel Diesel or Electric Icon/Electric 1

Nothing makes it easier to get your bulk commodities in front of consumers in retail bags than a Rotochopper portable bagging system.

  • Advantages

    Bagging Simplified

    The Go-Bagger® 250 allows you to diversify into the retail bag market without the complexity and cost of a larger automatic bagging system.

    Rugged & Versatile

    If you’ve seen it in retail bags, the Go-Bagger® 250 can handle it, thanks to heavy duty construction and a user-friendly design.

    Compact & Quick

    The Go-Bagger® can be towed with a pickup truck and sets up in just minutes to fill and seal bags anywhere you produce bulk commodities.

    Hands Free Sealer

    Easily adjust the sealer to match unique variables such as bag thickness and ambient temperature and effortlessly seal with a tap of the foot pedal.

    Roller Bed Bag Conveyor

    The Go-Bagger® is equipped with a roller bed allowing operators to quickly and easily move bags through the fill and seal process, increasing efficiency.

    Digital Controller

    The controller lets the operator quickly and easily fine tune and save settings by volume or by weight to ensure evenly filled bags.

  • Exclusive Features

    Hopper with Agitator

    A slow-speed agitator breaks apart compacted material to maintain even filling and uptime.

    Interchangeable Bagging Jaws

    Easily change bag filling jaws to match bag sizes – ranging from 2 cubic foot mulch bags to flood retention sand bags.

    Erosion Sock Attachment

    This optional attachment allows you to diversify your operation even more, maximizing the value of your resources.

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  • Additional Specs


    • Length: 15′ 8″
    • Width: 6′ 10″
    • Height: 8′ 7″
    • Weight: 4,500 lbs.

    Power Supply

    • 20 HP diesel engine
    • On-board generator
    • Hydraulic displacement pump
    • Optional electric configuration


    • 2.5 cubic yard Hopper
    • Variable speed feed belt
    • Removable full length hopper agitator with variable speed hydraulic drive
    • Removable hopper side

The Go-Bagger® 250 is also available as an electric model.
To learn more about this option – contact your sales representative.

Erosion Sock Filling Attachment

With the addition of the erosion sock attachment you can diversify your grinding and bagging operation even more, maximizing the value of your resources and providing additional distribution opportunities. Efficiently switch from filling bags to filling erosion socks in less than 20 minutes.

  • Fill erosion sock with compost or ground wood for erosion and sediment control
  • Accommodates 9″ and 12″ standard erosion socks (larger custom sizes available as needed)

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