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As an employee-owned (ESOP) company, we are uniquely committed to excellence and customer success.

Our West Coast Sales Team represents California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

Nick Korn

Regional Sales Manager - West Coast Territory

CJ Cox

Regional Sales Rep - West Coast Territory


Steve Patton

Regional Sales Rep - West Coast Territory

Our South Central Sales Team represents Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arizona, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Preston McIntyre

Regional Sales Manager - South Central Territory

Joe Rauschuber

Regional Sales Rep - South Central Territory

Murray McIntyre

Regional Sales Rep - South Central Territory

Our Great Lakes West Sales Team represents Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska.

Lars Bergan

Lars Bergan

Regional Sales Manager - Great Lakes West Territory

Ryan Schams

Regional Sales Rep - Great Lakes West Territory

Steve Pieper

Regional Sales Rep - Great Lakes West Territory

Our Northeast Sales Team represents New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and the Maritime provinces in Canada.

Scott Harrington

Regional Sales Manager - Northeast Territory

Ulf Qvarford

Regional Sales Rep - Northeast Territory

Our Mid-Atlantic Sales Team represents Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio.

Jody Parker

Regional Sales Manager - Mid-Atlantic Territory

Charlie Hartt

Regional Sales Rep - Mid-Atlantic Territory

Jason Koskinen

Regional Sales Rep - Mid-Atlantic Territory


Will DaPron

Regional Sales Rep - Mid-Atlantic Territory

Ryan Britt Rotochopper Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Representative

Ryan Britt

Regional Sales Rep - Mid-Atlantic Territory

carl roberts Rotochopper mid-atlantic sales representative ohio

Carl Roberts

Regional Sales Rep - Mid-Atlantic Territory

coleman mitchell Rotochopper mid-atlantic regional sales representative

Coleman Mitchell

Regional Sales Rep - Mid-Atlantic Territory

Our Southeast Sales Team represents Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.

chris mellow rotochopper southeast sales territory manager

Chris Mellow

Regional Sales Manager - Southeast Territory

Our Western & Central Canada Sales Team represents British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

David Wood

Regional Sales Manager

Jacob Wood

Regional Sales Rep



Andy Bulson

Sales Manager

Aidan Shanahan

Dealer Representative-Brightgreen Recycling

Eric Johansson

Dealer Representative— Norditek


Joakim Lund

Dealer Representative— Sawcenter OY

Mark Offringa

Dealer Representative— American Machinery

jean sabastien roy voghel rotochopper dealer sales representative

Jean-Sebastien Roy

Dealer Representative — Voghel Inc.

Roberto Garcia-Rotochopper Latin America Sales

Roberto Garcia

Latin America Sales Representative

Customer Service

customer service doug spike meyer

Doug (Spike) Meyer

Director of Customer Service

adam asmus

Adam Asmus

Customer Service Manager

brad hanson

Brad Hanson

Customer Service Assistant Manager

amy forster

Amy Forster

Factory Product Specialist

dave kulzer

Dave Kulzer

Factory Product Specialist


Michael Heinen

Factory Product Specialist

michael benson rotochopper factory product specialist

Mike Benson

Factory Product Specialist

dennis finken

Dennis Finken

Lead Demo Product Specialist

skylar posusta chrast rotochopper demo product specialist

Skylar Posusta-Chrast

Demo Product Specialist

ben baker rotochopper midwest product specialist

Ben Baker

Midwest Product Specialist

dan klatt rotochopper west coast product specialist

Dan Klatt

West Coast Product Specialist

erik lopez

Erik Lopez

West Coast Product Specialist


Lucas Martindale

Northeast Product Specialist


Randy Conaway

South Central Product Specialist

ronald gordon

Ronald Gordon

Mid-Atlantic Product Specialist

tracy prescott

Tracy Prescott

Southeast Product Specialist


Dan Delichte

Western Canada Product Specialist

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