Colorizer System

With our colorizer, a Rotochopper grinder can transform virtually any clean wood fiber to premium landscape mulch with the size, texture, and colors that consumers demand.


History of Innovation

From its launch in 1997, our patented colorizer set a new standard for efficiency and versatility.  This game-changing approach to mulch allowed a broad range of companies to capitalize on the growth and sustainability of the premium mulch market. We have continued to raise the bar through ongoing improvement and innovation of the colorizer and by developing remote monitoring systems and other tools that help mulch producers maximize productivity and minimize costs.

Generation 2 Colorizer

Following our commitment to continued innovation, the generation II colorizer, now a standard option on all Rotochopper grinders, utilizes an additional colorant spray bar to increase throughput capacity without compromising color integrity. The secondary spray manifold applies colorant to mulch particles while they are spaced apart and traveling at a high speed, ensuring even coverage. Enhancing this offering is Rotochopper’s ability to monitor and track key parameters, including, colorant usage, water, throughput, and engine data, with various RotoLink® monitoring system options.

MP-2 horizontal grinder gold mulch
fp66 wood chips brown colored mulch

Grind & Color System Advantages

Our exclusive grind & color system maximizes mulch quality while minimizing costs. By reducing the number of machines and steps required to produce colored mulch, Rotochopper equipment dramatically lowers handling costs and spillage. Known for precision grinding capacity, Rotochopper grinders minimize the percentage of fines, increasing mulch volumes while decreasing colorant usage.

Diversify & Simplify Your Wood Waste

Nothing creates more opportunities for wood waste than Rotochopper grinding equipment. A Rotochopper grinder can produce vibrant colored mulch from pallets, round wood, slabwood, and many other feedstocks. Designed for unmatched versatility and streamlined operation, Rotochopper electric and diesel horizontal grinders let operators switch feedstocks and end products quickly and easily. With Rotochopper, diversifying your business goes hand in hand with simplifying your grinding operation.

CP118 wood chip processor brown mulch

Lowest Costs Per Cubic Yard/Meter

As the first patented grind & color system, the Rotochopper colorizer continues to set the standard for high-efficiency mulch production. Available in a wide horsepower range to match your feedstock and product requirements, Rotochopper “Perfect In One Pass” technology will consistently produce vibrant mulch at the lowest cost per cubic yard / meter.

“What’s great about this colorizer system is that it only turns on when wood is in the grinding chamber. No waste, no hassle.”

— Patrick Whittlesey, Austin Landscape Supplies

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