Our RotoLoadScan™ scanner gives you continuous insights into your output rates to more efficiently project overall production rates.

volumetric scanner screen

Benefits of Volumetric Scanning

RotoLoadScan™ scanner utilizes lidar technology to record and determine discharge conveying capacity. The measured value is determined by material and layer height, with the overall volume flow rate calculated by factoring this variable by the conveyor speed. Using conversion factors, the subsequent mass flow can also be assessed from this data, providing continuous insight for users about the operating status of their grinder, output rates and overall strategic optimization.

RotoLoadScan™ can be integrated and utilized on mobile or stationary grinders and can be adapted to a variety of different environmental and production conditions. Various material, screen size and production variables can be adjusted through the parameters page on the user interface system. Additionally, throughput measurements can easily be monitored on the HMI or through the RotoLink® interface in real time or as a recordable parameter within customized reporting.


  • High measuring accuracy
  • Robust in harsh environments, low maintenance & weatherproof
  • Continuous operation and monitoring through remote access
  • Extensive, diagnostic functionality with RotoLink®
  • Continuous conveyor belt scanning and mass flow


  • View and monitor production rates in real time
  • Calculate total yards produced to measure efficiency
  • Assess and monitor the amount of colorant used
  • Accurately quantify your final product piles
  • Drive efficiency and data driven results


RotoLoadScan™ Sell Sheet

View, download and print the full sell sheet by clicking the link below.

RotoLoadScan Sell Sheet

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