95 DK


Powerful & Reliable

The 95 DK Shredder boasts a powerful engine, long working length, aggressive intake, and twin shaft rotor cutting system to efficiently processes even the toughest materials.


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rotochopper 95 dk shredder

Featured Specifications

UP TO 770 HP
Icon/Weight 103,000lbs
Variable Rotor Options
Icon/Diesel Diesel Engine

The exceptionally reliable 95 DK shredder is easy to maintain, and can tackle a variety of materials including railroad ties, sorted & unsorted C&D waste, and large chunk wood.

  • Advantages

    Multiple Rotor Configurations

    Choose the rotor shafts that suit the material that you are shredding, whether that be railroad ties, stumps, municipal solid waste, and sorted and unsorted C&D waste.

    Adjustable Discharge Conveyor

    The hydraulically adjustable conveyor allows you to easily shred directly into another piece of equipment, trailer, or bunker.

    Robust Engine

    The powerful 770 hp diesel engine delivers efficient shredding capabilities, while being fuel-efficient, quiet and eco-friendly.

  • Exclusive Features

    Dual Shaft Cutting System

    The twin-shaft cutting system of the 95 DK is incredibly productive and efficient at processing even the toughest materials.

    Intelligent Hopper System

    Hydraulic double tilting hopper system optimizes and allows for even material feeding of your materials and consistent output.

    Easy to Use Interface

    Use the intuitive touch screen display or remote control to safely operate and control the shredder.

    Tracked Chassis

    An independently maneuverable track system allows you to move the 95 DK on-site with a remote control.

    Hydrostatic Drive

    Achieve high output from the self-regulating hydrostatic double drive providing up to 354,029 ft. lb. of torque.

    Hydraulic Cross-Belt Magnet

    The optional cross-belt magnet helps remove ferrous metal from your final product.

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  • Additional Specs


    • Length – 30’ 2” (9.2 m)
    • Width – 11’ 4” (3.4 m)
    • Height – 10’ 6” (3.2 m)
    • Weight – 103,000 lbs. (46,720 kg)

    Shredding Table

    • Table opening – 3’ 5” x 7’ 8” (107 x 239 cm)
    • Rotor lengths – 8’ 2” (250 cm)
    • Rotor diameter – 2’ 9” (87 cm)


    • Choice of fine or rough rotors
    • Hydraulically adjustable cross belt magnet
    • Rubber pads for crawler tracks
    • Dust suppression system with water source

95DK Shredding Table

Watch the power of the Rotochopper 95DK Series Shredder’s twin shafts, effortlessly maneuvering through challenging materials during processing. These twin shafts demonstrate unparalleled power and torque, ensuring seamless handling of the most demanding waste materials. The powerful hydrostatic drive allows the shafts to pulverize diverse materials.

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95 dk shredder carts waste
"The 95DK has provided us reliability, great throughput, and we know that it is going to keep up with our material."

— Mike Ledieff, C.A.R.T.S.

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