Asphalt Shingle Grinders

Packed with exclusive features, Rotochopper asphalt shingle grinders offer lower wear costs and more uptime for highly abrasive feedstocks.

Less Wear

Nothing stands up to the abrasiveness of asphalt shingles like a Rotochopper shingle grinder.

More Uptime

Less wear and maintenance delivers more of what drives your bottom line—uptime productivity.

b66 shingle piles

The Rotochopper Difference

Individually, the unique features of a Rotochopper shingle grinder make a big difference. Together, they put Rotochopper shingle grinders in a class above any other shingle waste processing machines.

Lowest Cost Per Ton

The individual advantages designed into Rotochopper shingle grinders add up to one big difference where it matters most: your bottom line. With lower wear costs and more uptime, Rotochopper shingle grinders produce recycled asphalt shingles at the lowest cost per ton.

b66 loading shingles
b66 grinding shingles

Multi-Purpose Shingle Grinders

For companies processing wood waste and asphalt shingle waste, Rotochopper multi-purpose shingle grinders combine remarkable wear resilience with unparalleled versatility.

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