Each of our horizontal grinders is available with multiple tooth and rotor styles to maximize efficiency, versatility, end product control, and wear life.

replaceable mount rotor weld on rakers

Replaceable Mount Rotor

The patented replaceable mount rotor simplifies maintenance and increases versatility by allowing operators to easily swap tooth mounts. This user-friendly rotor is much more rugged than weld-on mounts, yet far simpler than pinned disk style rotors and other replaceable mount designs. Each mount locks into the drum with two bolts—no bushings, lock collars, or heavy shafts, and no need for specialized tools like rod pullers. A unique mounting design transfers impact stress to the rotor drum, minimizing bolt stress. Each mount is independently secured, so if one mount is damaged, only one needs to be replaced. Available for: B-66, B-66 E, & FP-66.

Single-Bolt Indexable Rotor

For feedstocks that contain contaminants, such as rocks and steel hardware, the single bolt indexable rotor offers enhanced tolerance for impacts, along with the same versatility as the two-bolt indexable rotor. The single-bolt design minimizes tooth loss and damage to tooth mounts. Available for: EC-256, EC-366, MP-2, & MC-266.

single bolt indexable rotor
rotochopper wood grinder biomass rotor

Biomass Rotor

The biomass rotor is a highly specialized grinding solution for forestry slash, brush, and round wood. Featuring forestry disk saw (hotsaw) style teeth, the biomass rotor blends advantages of grinding rotors and chipper drums, offering a more efficient cutting action than traditional blunt grinder teeth, while providing a better tolerance for light contaminants than chipper knives. Disk saw teeth are widely used in feller bunchers and other forestry equipment, making them economical and easy to replace. The biomass rotor tends to produce a chunkier product with clean cut edges rather than frayed edges of a shredded mulch-type product. Available for: MC-266, EC-366, MP-2, EC-256, & SB-24 E.

CP-118 Rotor

This unique rotor uses hardfaced or Greenteeth® inserts to offer an unbeatable blend of simplicity, wear life, and cost-effectiveness. Scaled to the needs of arborists, our Wood Chip Processors feature this technology that is common to the tree care industry. Available for: CP-118.

rotochopper stump grinder rotor

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