Rotochopper offers waste grinding solutions for highly abrasive feedstocks like green waste, food waste, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), and baled recyclables. Our grinders are easy to operate and maintain, are available with diesel or electric power plants, and can be manufactured with several mobility options to meet the needs of your specific operation.

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Green Waste

Green waste material includes organic waste such as tree trimmings, leaves, plants and grass. Rotochopper grinders offer a unique solution to recycling green waste material into marketable wood fiber and compost products, keeping these materials out of landfills. Engineered to aggressively grind brushy materials, Rotochopper grinders include exclusive features that minimize wear costs and maintenance downtime.

Food Waste

From whole pallets of unopened cereal boxes to commercial food scrap, Rotochopper grinders have been providing solutions for the food waste industry for decades. Rotochopper offers simple, innovative solutions specific to food waste grinding needs when turning food waste into animal feed, compost or other organic processes.

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Municipal Solid Waste

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is a complex mixture of many materials discarded by every individual, business, government and industry, and can include paper, plastic, food, yard trimmings, lumber, textiles & electronic devices. Rotochopper’s high abrasion package helps grind these dirty materials without sacrificing productivity and decreases the amount of time spent maintaining your equipment. By grinding MSW, Rotochopper grinders reduce the amount of materials going into landfills and creates new opportunities for finished end products.

Baled Recyclables

Rotochopper grinders offer the same effectiveness when grinding bales of recyclable materials like plastic and cardboard. Rotochopper grinders are popular with recycling facilities because they combine the versatility and precision grinding capacity necessary to convert diverse feedstocks into premium end products without sacrificing efficiency.

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gb 250 bagging compost

Portable Baggers

The Rotochopper Go-Bagger® 250 makes it simple and cost-effective to expand into the retail bag market for compost, topsoil, mulch and other end products. Completely self-contained, the Go-Bagger® fills and seals bags anywhere you can drive a pickup truck.

Waste Recycling Solutions

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Waste Recycling Solutions Sell Sheet
B-66 Electric Grinding Green Waste
With our Rotochopper, we've been able to grind through our yard waste three times faster than we used to.

— Brandon Johnson, Latah Sanitation Inc

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