Hydraulic Start Assist

Rotochopper electric grinders already offer dramatic savings over comparable diesel-powered wood grinders, and we have further minimized the cost of operating electric grinders by reducing the amperage surge that normally occurs at start-up with our exclusive mechanical soft start system.

electric motor soft start system angle

Reduced Start-Up Costs

Our patented Hydraulic Start Assist technology uses existing on-board hydraulics to bring the rotor up to operating speed before engaging a standard soft start. Our mechanical soft start option gradually brings the rotor up to a specified RPM level at a controlled rate over time before engaging the main electric motor. The electric motor therefore encounters less resistance at start-up and provides additional control and opportunity when it comes to minimizing amperage spikes and start up resistance. Power companies typically apply fees to amperage spikes from large electric motors. This system will reduce or even eliminate these fees.

More than Power Bill Reductions

A more controlled, gradual start-up means less wear on drive belts and other components. Rotochopper electric grinders already have a solid reputation for consistent uptime and longevity. This exclusive approach of pairing the benefits of soft start functionality with our patented Hydraulic Start Assist technology further enhances the dependability and efficiency of Rotochopper electric grinders.

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Hydraulic Start Assist Sell Sheet

View, download and print the full sell sheet by clicking the link below.

Hydraulic Start Assist
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"We couldn't be happier with our electric Rotochopper"

— Joe Volini, Heartland Recycling

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