Rotochopper offers a complete line of sizing solutions for C & D wood and asphalt shingle waste — from high-speed grinders to hammermills.

Sorted C & D

ec electric horizontal grinder sorting station pick line

Rotochopper electric grinders deliver the consistent uptime and precision grinding required to turn sorted C & D into boiler fuel, animal bedding, RAS (from shingles), and other products, at the lowest cost per ton or cubic yard. Put a Rotochopper grinder in-line with your sorting line, and watch it turn your waste materials into saleable products all day, every day.

Unsorted C & D

75 dk shredder novem waste pallet

Our 75 & 95 DK Series Shredders will pre-shred a variety of unsorted C & D waste materials, helping to divert them from landfills. Our shredders will maximize your operational efficiency by reducing the size of the material coming down your separation line, while protecting your grinder from potential harmful materials. The DK Shredder is extremely reliable, easy to maintain, and provides consistent uptime when it comes to handling the harshest materials.

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multi stage grinding system ec366 rmt hammermill

Multi-Stage Systems

Rotochopper multi-stage fine grinding systems offer unparalleled simplicity and efficiency for transforming C & D wood waste into animal bedding or other fine texture products, taking raw wood waste to finished animal bedding specifications in a single pass, with no additional handling.

C & D Grinding Solutions Sell Sheet

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C & D Grinding Solutions
ec366 electric horizontal grinder sorted construction debris
We operate a construction waste recycling facility in the Chicago area and have had a Rotochopper for the past several years. We’re producing 10 loads per week of perfect finished product with minimal handling. Our EC-256 requires very little maintenance and uses much less electricity than I expected. We couldn’t be happier with our electric Rotochopper.

— Joe Volini, Heartland Recycling, LLC.

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