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Through our commitment to “Perfect In One Pass” equipment solutions, we continue to develop new innovations for challenging grinding applications.


Our factory-direct customer support team provides world-class service and expert guidance to keep your grinding operation running at peak performance.


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Preventative Maintenance Program

Rotochopper’s Preventative Maintenance Program is designed to ensure your grinder is running in top condition and your operators are using best practices.

service starting inspection


In order to assist our customers in keeping their equipment operating economically, at peak performance, reduce downtime, and increase equipment life, we offer preventative maintenance program as individual visit or customers can contract a series of visits for greater value. The frequency of the visits is established based on duration of daily operation and work week.

What to Expect

During a typical preventative maintenance visit, our service technician will complete the Preventative Maintenance checklist, monitor the operation of the machine, discusses machine performance and history with operators, reviews maintenance records, determines all necessary maintenance based on inspection and operator comments, performs preventative maintenance, and coaches operators in best practices. The customer is responsible for providing all parts and consumable items required for the preventative maintenance. The preventative maintenance tasks performed by the service engineer vary depending on the type of equipment.

service training customers
service checking alignment

Example Maintenance Tasks

  • Check all control devices
  • Check all moving parts for smooth operation
  • Check hydraulic system pressures
  • Observe environment and feedstock for potential causes of machine problems
  • Check condition of fluids and filters
  • Monitor and record electric motor amp draws
  • Inspect and align all conveyor belts
  • Inspect and record rotor, teeth, and screen wear

Scheduling Preventative Maintenance Visits

Typical preventative maintenance visits will last four to six hours. All operators and maintenance personnel should plan on being available when the service technician is on-site to answer any questions or concerns. The machine and the area around the machine should be clean to allow service technician to all areas of the machine. Your Rotochopper grinder or bagger is most profitable when it is in optimal condition. The expert guidance and service you get from our Preventative Maintenance Program will keep your machine running at its best.

service working on rotor

Maximize the performance of your equipment with a customized preventative maintenance package. Contact us today to set up your visit.

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