Trailer Loading Auger Systems

Load your finished product into trailers more efficiently with a customized single or dual trailer loading auger system.

material handling

Material Handling Simplified

A trailer loading auger system saves you time and money by allowing you to load your finished product directly into the trailer without the need for additional handling, equipment or manpower. The single or dual trailer loading auger system integrates seamlessly with your Rotochopper grinding system and is custom engineered by Rotochopper to fit into your operation. The planning process is made is easy because you only need to deal with one company, Rotochopper, for your entire grinding system.

From start to finish, Rotochopper has your complete grinding operation in mind.

Trailer Loading Auger System Sell Sheet

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Trailer Loading Auger Solutions
ec-366 electric horizontal grinder dual truck loading auger system
"The material comes out of the grinder and it’s done... Then we're loading the trailers with the auger system to create a more efficient process."

— Russ Taylor, Taylor Pallet and Recycling, Inc.

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