Rotochopper grinding solutions convert a wide range of feedstocks into premium end products with “Perfect In One Pass” simplicity.


Through our commitment to “Perfect In One Pass” equipment solutions, we continue to develop new innovations for challenging grinding applications.


Our factory-direct customer support team provides world-class service and expert guidance to keep your grinding operation running at peak performance.


Through our commitment to customer success, we lead the industry in innovation, developing several industry firsts, patented features, and unique machines.

Better animal bedding and nutrition is one of the simplest ways to increase animal health and performance. For companies with wood waste, Rotochopper grinding equipment is the simplest way to produce higher quality animal bedding at the lowest cost per unit. Rotochopper grinders optimize the digestibility and palatability of a wide range of feed sources, from alfalfa bales to high-moisture shell corn.

animal bedding

Superior Bedding at a Lower Cost

In many regions throughout the world, wood fiber animal bedding is a growing market that rivals even colored mulch in profitability and growth potential. Nothing turns wood waste into premium animal bedding more efficiently than Rotochopper grinding solutions. Rotochopper equipment offers “Perfect In One Pass” grinding simplicity for a broad range of materials, from pallets to round wood.

Complete Grinding Solutions for Bedding & Nutrition

The particle size control that makes Rotochopper the standout choice for animal bedding also places Rotochopper in a whole different class for high-volume animal feed grinding. If you need to grind bales, grain, or non-traditional nutrition sources, check out the feed grinding capabilities of Rotochopper equipment.

b66 round hay bales diesel grinder
mc266 compact horizontal grinder high moisture corn

High-Moisture Shell Corn Grinding

Unmatched in fine grinding efficiency for wet or dry materials, Rotochopper grinders reduce high-moisture shell corn to 100% ¼ inch (6 mm) minus in a single pass at rates of 900 to 5,000 bushels per hour, with no un-cracked kernels. Only a Rotochopper grinder combines this level of grinding accuracy with the rugged engineering to grind bales, wood waste, and other raw materials.

multi stage grinding system ec366 rmt hammermill close up
"Poultry markets prefer lighter, fluffier bedding materials, and the Rotochopper two-stage system can produce this type of bedding efficiently…We grind it down to the size of wheat or oats."

— Wade Kohler, Pioneer Packaging

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