Our remote monitoring system allows you to troubleshoot with customer support in real-time, predict maintenance needs and reduce downtime. By tracking and fine tuning your operating parameters, you consistently get the results you need, at the lowest operating costs.

Live Data & Adjustments

Multiple users can work together through live connection on smartphones or computers to monitor and adjust critical settings from anywhere in the world. Use RotoLink® to monitor maintenance life, vibration and bearing temp, engine data and production data. Match grinder settings to a new feedstock without leaving your loader cab, and analyze production costs from your desk with weekly or monthly machine health reports.

Grinder Management Simplified

Minimize downtown with email and/or text message alerts to multiple users when a fault code alarm occurs. Customize alarms by user depending on individual operational roles. Troubleshooting is made easy with a direct connection to customer support. Service techs can view your display screen and when granted access can change machine settings. Connect RotoLink® and your grinder through cell modem, ethernet or Wi-Fi. Data logged during operation and diagnostics is available to you for the life of the machine. Experience more uptime with predictive maintenance through monitoring critical machine parts like the engine and rotor.

Minimizing the costs of your premium fiber commodities has never been easier.

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