Screen Change System

Our patented screen change system makes it quick and easy to install and switch screens at ground level—with no need for overhead lifting equipment, fasteners, or special tools.

mc266 screen change system wood hog

Simple and Reliable

Rotochopper customers who have operated other grinders quickly come to appreciate the simplicity and reliability of our patented screen change system. The ability to quickly change screens reduces downtime and enhances versatility, allowing operators to easily swap screens to meet different end product specifications.

Damage Mitigation

Most screen installation systems use bolts or other fasteners to hold screens in place, but our unique system quickly secures screens in position with cam arms. When the rotor strikes a large un-grindable object, the sheer pins in the screen change system allow the screen to fall away from the rotor, limiting damage.

rotochopper mp2 screen change system


Screen Change System Sell Sheet

View, download and print the full sell sheet by clicking the link below.

Screen Change System
rotochopper b66 fp66 screen change system
"My teeth and screen maintenance is a snap with this machine. We have had very little downtime; the dependability and reliability are incredible."

— Matt Cournoyer, Lambert Forest Products

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