High Abrasion

In the war against wear-related maintenance, Rotochopper maximizes your uptime with exclusive features designed for abrasive feedstocks like asphalt shingles and yard waste.

b66 diesel horizontal grinder asphalt shingles loader

Grinder Uptime vs. Upkeep

The high-abrasion package enhances the natural wear resilience of our horizontal grinders. Our unique grinding chamber design keeps wear focused on replaceable parts, not on permanent surfaces like the grinding chamber walls. The infeed minimizes spillage and abrasion. With these unmatched advantages, you spend less time on maintenance and more time running your grinder and making the profitable end products you need.

Lowest Operating Cost Per Ton

The Rotochopper high abrasion package was designed for the most abrasive feedstock in the grinding industry: asphalt shingle waste. Nothing matches the uptime and minimized wear costs of a Rotochopper. These advantages add up to one simple difference—the results you need at the lowest cost per ton.

b66 high abrasion grinding package

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