We are beyond excited to announce the Sarlac Shredder – a testament to our commitment to listen and respond to what you, our valued customers, have requested through valuable feedback and insights. Sarlac is an innovative electric shear point shredding solution that offers unprecedented proficiency in downsizing materials efficiently for businesses seeking economical material handling solutions.

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Featured Specifications

UP TO 125 HP
Icon/Electric 1 Electric Motor

The patent pending Sarlac is a cost-effective waste management solution that stands tall as a compact powerhouse to break down materials that would typically be discarded, including construction & demolition, cardboard, and pallet wood waste presenting an opportunity for revenue generation through recycling. Sarlac enhances workplace safety and comfort, with an impressively low noise level and reduced airborne dust making it the ideal choice for a variety of work environments.

  • Advantages

    Compact Design

    Designed to occupy minimal space while delivering maximum performance, making it a versatile option for operations and workflows.

    Handles a Variety of Materials

    Sarlac excels in downsizing various materials, enabling businesses to process waste effectively, thereby reducing disposal costs significantly.


    Offering an affordable approach to material downsizing and recycling, Sarlac ensures optimized resource utilization without compromising on quality.

    Low Noise Level

    Sarlac’s electric motor runs quietly either indoors or outdoors for a comfortable work environment.

    Reduced Airborne Dust

    Sarlac’s innovative design not only delivers powerful shredding capabilities but also significantly reduces airborne dust, creating a positive and healthier work environment for your team.

    Simple to Operate

    A straightforward design and digital operator interface ensure operators and staff find it easy to operate.

  • Exclusive Features

    Minimal Space Requirements

    Effortlessly integrates into the workflow of any operation. Its compact design, combined with low noise and reduced airborne dust, makes it a seamless addition to your facility, ensuring minimal disruption.

    Large Feed Opening

    This substantial opening not only accommodates large material sizes but also enables you to process a greater quantity of material, ultimately increasing production rates.

    Various Conveyor Configurations

    Configure the discharge conveyor to precisely match your operational space, process workflow, and unique needs.

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  • Additional Specs


    • Length: 11′
    • Width: 7′ 4″
    • Height: 8′ 1″
    • Weight: 11,500 lbs.

    *Dimensions do not include a discharge conveyor. 

    Power Supply

    • 50-125 hp electric motor


    • Pre-feeding hopper
    • Soft start to manage electrical demands

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