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Colored landscape mulch continues to be the most profitable end use for wood chips in most of the USA and many regions throughout the world. After more than 15 years as the leading technology, the patented Rotochopper colorizer continues to be the most efficient solution for turning chips into colored mulch.

mp2 chips green mulch

Cash In Your Chips

Our exclusive colorizer turns dull chips into vibrant colored mulch in a single pass. Wood waste enters a Rotochopper grinder emerging with the particle size, texture, and colors consumers demand. Our patented technology injects colorant directly into the grinding chamber, using the force of the grinding process to evenly color the wood fiber.

Tree Care Solutions

The highly compact CP-118 Wood Chip Processor is designed specifically for tree care professionals transforming chips into mulch. Completely self-contained, the CP-118 comes standard with an onboard colorizer and is towable-with a pickup truck.

cp118 red colored mulch
fp66 wood chips brown colored mulch

Solutions For Your Business

Rotochopper diesel or electric horizontal grinders turn any clean wood fiber sources into color enhanced mulch, biomass fuel, and other premium fiber products, providing enhanced versatility.

cp118 wood chip processor natural mulch
"The efficiency of the electric CP-118 has greatly surpassed my expectations. Best of all, It's making the same mulch from my chips that my customers love at an even lower cost."

— Rob Trexler, Pasadena Skid n Pallet

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