RotoLink® Remote Monitoring System

Our remote monitoring system allows you to troubleshoot with customer support in real-time, predict maintenance needs and reduce downtime. By tracking and fine tuning your operating parameters, you consistently get the results you need, at the lowest operating costs.

RotoLink monitoring system computer

Live Equipment Data and Adjustments

Multiple users can work together through live connection on smartphones or computers to monitor and adjust critical settings from anywhere in the world. RotoLink® monitors maintenance life, vibration and bearing temp, engine data and production data. Match grinder settings to a new feedstock without leaving your loader cab, and analyze production costs from your desk with weekly or monthly machine health reports.

RotoLink® Features:

  • 24/7 Monitoring – anytime, anywhere access
  • Customize alerts to specific recipients, issues and frequency
  • Troubleshoot with service in real-time
  • Manage and predict maintenance needs
  • Monitor key performance indicators
  • Full data reporting on a weekly or monthly basis
RotoLink monitoring system rotochopper b66 horizontal grinder

“We use many maintenance systems across our equipment lines but the RotoLink® system is the easiest system we have to monitor what is happening with our equipment.”

– Dustin Bjustrom, The Scotts Company

rotochopper rotolink monitoring system multiple signals

Increased Equipment Uptime

RotoLink® allows you to improve machine uptime by tracking maintenance, acting quickly to RotoLink® triggered alerts, viewing live equipment data & troubleshooting with Rotochopper customer service all in one place. It also takes the guess work out of routine maintenance by tracking and recording your tasks and alerting you when the next maintenance interval is approaching. Improve daily operating costs with RotoLink® by monitoring idle time and ensuring your equipment is being operated efficiently.

Direct Connection to Support

Troubleshooting is made easy with a direct connection to our customer support team. Service techs can view your display screen and when granted access can change machine settings, saving you time and money, by mitigating the need for an in person service call. RotoLink® can help you avoid costly repairs by sending customized alerts to multiple users, as well as, Rotochopper Customer Service, when a fault alarm occurs. It gives you peace of mind knowing that the Rotochopper service department is also monitoring your equipment to keep you a step ahead of any issues that might arise.

rotochopper rotolink monitoring system customer support

RotoLink® User Login

Current RotoLink™ users please use the link below to login to your account or access the mobile app website HERE. If you have any questions contact customer service.

RotoLink Login
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RotoLink® Sell Sheet

View, download and print the full sell sheet by clicking the link below.

RotoLink™ Sell Sheet
LVM Materials Rotochopper EC-366 Surge Hopper RMT Hammermill Pallets
“It’s far more efficient and convenient to have Rotochopper service log into the grinder through RotoLink® and go over what’s going on."

— Lee Maher, LVM Materials

Minimizing the costs of producing your premium fiber commodities has never been easier.

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