Screener Conveyor

Minimize the need for additional equipment and operational processes while seamlessly producing two products in one pass with the Rotochopper® Screener Conveyor.

Rotochopper Screener Conveyor

Streamline Your Operation

Rotochopper’s Screener Conveyor provides users with screening capabilities as material leaves the grinder on the primary conveyor belt. Engineered with our customers’ needs in mind, the Screener Conveyor easily separates fines from your desired end-product. Used as a single conveyor or part of a larger material handling solution, the Screener Conveyor provides operational efficiencies and additional profit potential.

The Screener Conveyor Advantage

  • Screen hole size up to 3/4”
  • Seamlessly create two products in one pass
  • Create second marketable product for your operation
  • Minimize colorant usage by removing fines from your end product
  • Reduce handling and equipment needs
  • Produce up to 350 yds/hour

Screener Conveyor Options:

  • Cross-belt magnet
  • Pre-feeding hopper
Rotochopper Screener Conveyor Fines Discharge

Screener Conveyor Sell Sheet

View, download and print the full sell sheet by clicking the link below.

Screener Conveyor Sell Sheet

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