Grain Package

The grain package for Rotochopper grinders offers “Perfect In One Pass” fine milling capacity for high-moisture shell corn and other small particle products.

mc 266 grain package high moisture shell corn

“Perfect In One Pass”

The grain package adds remarkable fine milling efficiency to our horizontal grinders without sacrificing the versatility and ease of operation they provide for grinding bales, yard waste, logs, and other feedstocks. The grain package enables a Rotochopper horizontal grinder to take high-moisture shell corn down to 1/4” / 6 mm minus with no un-cracked kernels. No other grinding equipment combines this level of fine milling capacity with the versatility to produce animal bedding, colored landscape mulch, compost, and other products.

100% Processing

Rotochopper horizontal grinders feature an exclusive infeed transition system that prevents un-processed feedstocks from bypassing the grinding chamber and ending up in the finished product. High moisture shell corn (HMSC) is already smaller in size than the particles that can bypass the grinding chamber of a typical horizontal grinder. Thanks to this unique infeed transition, a Rotochopper grinder can process HMSC to a completely uniform size, with minimal spillage and loss. So you get more end product for less.

mc 266 grinding high moisture shell corn
mc 266 high moisture shell corn grinder

Maximizing Value

Whether you need to produce colored landscape mulch or livestock feed, the Rotochopper “Perfect In One Pass” advantage releases more value from your feedstocks. Grinding HMSC or other grain to an exact particle size maximizes digestibility, releasing more nutrition and more value. The narrow time frame of harvest season and the demanding particle specifications for HMSC create a high demand for efficient precision grinding. Only Rotochopper offers this flexibility to easily switch grinding applications and capitalize on the best market opportunities.

grinding high moisture shell corn
"I only have this opportunity because I have a Rotochopper. The other high-volume grinders I have seen wouldn't come close to making this fine of a particle size."

— John Noyes, Rugged Rock

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