Rotochopper grinding solutions convert a wide range of feedstocks into premium end products with “Perfect In One Pass” simplicity.


Through our commitment to “Perfect In One Pass” equipment solutions, we continue to develop new innovations for challenging grinding applications.


Our factory-direct customer support team provides world-class service and expert guidance to keep your grinding operation running at peak performance.


Through our commitment to customer success, we lead the industry in innovation, developing several industry firsts, patented features, and unique machines.

Conveyor Systems

Quickly and easily deliver quantities of bulk material by streamlining your production with a conveyor or feed hopper conveyor system. Available in a wide variety of sizes and options to best fit your operation, a conveyor system can simplify your grinding operation, create efficiencies, and increase productivity.

Hermans B66E and Conveyor

Reduce Costs & Equipment Needs

Mitigate the need for a wheel loader or additional operator by integrating a conveyor into your operation. Reduce labor costs, lower fuel consumption, and cut maintenance costs all while improving overall material quality. Eliminate double handling of material through optimization of uninterrupted stacking and storage. Rapid set up, valuable mobility and continuous operation while conveying material away from your grinder are additional benefits to this solution.


  • Eliminate need for double handling
  • Decreased equipment and labor costs
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Uninterrupted production
  • Seamless integration

Radial Stacking Conveyor

portable radial stacking conveyor ec 256
  • Portable and maneuverable
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and options
  • Engineered to be the quickest from road transportation to field operation
  • Production rates up to 1,200 TPH capacity
  • Manual swivel road/radial tires
  • Single wheel drive at tail
  • Hydraulic raise and lower

Tracked Stacking Conveyor

  • 42”x75’
  • Cross-bracing improves stability
  • Production rates up to 1,000 TPH capacity
  • One of the heaviest models in its class at 34,000 lbs.
  • Hydraulic power controls the tracks, folds & discharge height
  • Power fold protects cylinders in operation

Tracked Portable Feed Hopper

  • Designed to receive large quantities of bulk materials
  • Reliable feed/adjustable flow gate
  • Track mounted hopper
  • Easy setup and take down to quickly move from site to site
  • Production rates up to 850 TPH capacity

Portable Channel Frame Conveyor

Channel stacker conveyor with bend
  • 36″x60′
  • Production rates up to 700 cubic yd/hr
  • Cleated belt
  • 25 degree manual raise with adjustable pin lock
  • Swivel radial axle tires
  • Extended shallow radial hopper


Conveyor Systems Sell Sheet

View, download and print the full sell sheet by clicking the link below.

Conveyor Systems Sell Sheet

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