Great Lakes West Sales Team

About Our Great Lakes West Sales Team

The Great Lakes West sales team is comprised of Lars Bergan, Ryan Schams, Steve Pieper, and Dennis Finken. They are based out of their home offices and represent Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska. Together the Great Lakes West sales team has 95 years of service with Rotochopper.

Rotochopper Great Lakes West Sales Team

Our Customers Say It Best: with Blue Ribbon Organics

Blue Ribbon Organics produces certified organic compost from yard and food waste. Listen to what James Jutrzonka has to say about “The Rotochopper Difference” and why they choose Rotochopper equipment for their grinding needs.

James says, “What we really like about our Rotochopper is the maintenance on the machine. It’s very simple to maintain, easy to change screens and that Rotochopper stands behind their grinders. When we call and talk to service or parts, they know exactly what’s going on with our machine through RotoLink®. They know exactly if there’s an issue and how to fix it without excuses. We have been running this for about two years now. We’ve had alot of grinders in here and Rotochopper has really held up for us and does a really nice job with the finished product.”

The Rotochopper Difference – featuring Herman’s Landscape Supply

Herman’s Landscape Supply has been a loyal Rotochopper customer since the early 2000’s. Listen to what Wes Herman has to say about “The Rotochopper Difference” and why they continue to choose Rotochopper equipment for their grinding needs.

Wes says, “If you have a question about something a grinder can grind, they know the answer. I’ve never had them not know the answer to the question. I think the biggest thing about Rotochopper over other bigger companies is just their service and hands-on come right down and help you if you need it approach. They’re just so much more hands-on than anybody else that have dealt with. The bigger companies do all right, but you’re more or less just a number. The warranty is only as good as that dealership says, where Rotochopper will go beyond that to help you.”

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