English Change Made in the USA

Perfect in one pass

What It Means For You

Our industrial grinders provide high quality results.

When you trust your resources to our advanced grinding technology, you get the highest quality results from your raw materials.

Our superior particle size control maximizes the value of your resources by consistently providing the results you need, at low operating costs. It's an advantage that optimizes your profitability, and it's designed into every horizontal grinder, wood chip processor, and asphalt shingle grinder that leaves our factory.

Perfect in one Pass

  • Wood Fiber or Agricultural Residue
  • Diesel or Electric
  • Portable, Stationary, or Track
  • 75 - 765 HP

See For Yourself

As the old saying goes, “Seeing is believing, but touching is the truth.” To fully appreciate the “Perfect In One Pass” advantage, you have to experience it first hand. Sift through a handful of finished product after seeing one of our machines in action, and you'll understand why professionals across a wide range of industries trust Rotochopper for their resource refining needs.

The Proof Is In the Product

Particle size control—it's the real test of performance for biomass fuel, landscape mulch, recycled asphalt shingles, animal bedding, virtually every grinding application—and it's the reason companies with demanding finished product specs depend on Rotochopper. The precision grinding capacity our customers trust is matched with the consistent uptime and efficiency needed to consistently achieve the results you need. It's the difference that makes a difference in your bottom line.

The Rotochopper Difference

Rotochopper Difference.

Our commitment to “Perfect In One Pass” solutions starts with innovative design and guides every relationship we form with our customers.

It defines every part of our company—from an R & D team committed to innovation to customer service reps and field technicians dedicated to your continued success. And it has shaped every moment in our company's history, from developing the first machine capable of simultaneously grinding and coloring landscape mulch, to designing the world's only purpose built shingle grinder, to providing unique bale processing systems for growing agricultural biomass markets.

Practical Equipment Solutions.As markets change, as new opportunities and challenges emerge for our customers, the Rotochopper difference means continuing to pioneer the tools you need to get the results you need.


For over fifteen years, we’ve been recognized as innovators in the grinding equipment industry with several unique machines and patented features. These innovations form the “Perfect In One Pass” difference that defines our customers’ success stories.