Perfect In One PassPerfect In One Pass

Perfect In One Pass

The Rotochopper “Perfect In One Pass” advantage maximizes the value of waste materials by converting them into premium products like colored mulch and animal bedding at the lowest costs.

Exclusive Technology

Through our commitment to “Perfect In One Pass” equipment solutions, we continue to develop new innovations for challenging grinding applications.

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Exclusive Advantages

Rotochopper "Perfect In One Pass" grinding technology reduces handling costs and increases end product value, maximizing your profit margins.

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From the very beginning, we set out to create a different approach to waste materials.

Grinding Bark for Landscape MulchGrinding Bark for Landscape Mulch

The Rotochopper Difference

We launched the Rotochopper brand as a solution for transforming wood waste and other resources into profitable end products as efficiently as possible. Unlike the tub grinders and other equipment common at that time, a Rotochopper grinder could turn wood waste into animal bedding or boiler fuel in a single pass. Engineered for precision grinding capacity, Rotochopper grinders stood apart from other machines that were designed for volume reduction without any ability to control particle size.
MP-2 Patented Screen Change SystemMP-2 Patented Screen Change System

History of Innovation

For more than 25 years, Rotochopper has focused exclusively on equipment that releases the potential of resources like wood waste, agricultural residue, and food waste by efficiently grinding them to the required size and texture. As a factory-direct manufacturer with a focused product line, we channel customer feedback into exclusive features that result in higher finished product quality at lower operating costs. Our exclusive features include: patented grind and color system, patented screen change system, patented slab ramp, patented replaceable mount rotor, gapless infeed transition, and KeyKnife chipper package.
MC-266 Discharge with Landscape MulchMC-266 Discharge with Landscape Mulch

“Perfect In One Pass”

Amazed by the game-changing simplicity of our colorizer, one of our customers coined the phrase “Perfect In One Pass” to describe the colored mulch he was able to produce with a single machine. Injecting colorant directly into the grinding chamber, our colorizer simultaneously colors the wood fiber while grinding it to final size and texture. This patented system allows a broad range of companies to capitalize on the premium mulch market. From the launch of this system, the ability to grind and color in a single pass has been a hallmark of the Rotochopper difference.

B-66 Horizontal Grinder Processing High Moisture Shell CornB-66 Horizontal Grinder Processing High Moisture Shell Corn

Engineered Fiber Products

Although “Perfect In One Pass” quickly became our trademark in the premium mulch market, it also describes our approach to a wide range of engineered fiber products. The same one-pass simplicity that maximizes profits for mulch producers can dramatically reduce costs for animal bedding wholesalers. The precision grinding capacity trusted by pellet fuel producers helps farmers optimize the palatability of livestock and poultry feed. The need to efficiently convert raw materials to premium products unites these diverse companies that trust the “Perfect In One Pass” advantage.

EC-366 with inline RMT HammermillEC-366 with inline RMT Hammermill

One Pass for Short Fiber Products

For companies that need to produce animal bedding or other short-length fibers, we offer multi-stage systems that combine horizontal grinders with hammermills to provide seamless fine grinding solutions. In a Rotochopper multi-stage fine grinding system, raw material enters the horizontal grinder, emerging from the hammermill at final size specifications.

Demo Day Line-upDemo Day Line-up

Matched to Your Business Needs

We offer diesel and electric grinding equipment in a range of sizes and horsepower to match your feedstocks and production requirements. As a factory-direct company, we specialize in comprehensive solutions combining industry expertise, innovative equipment, and dedicated support. Our factory-direct sales team brings expert guidance, working with you to ensure you have the right grinder for your business goals.