Grain Processors

Rotochopper grain processors are designed to mill corn and other grains down to fine texture livestock and poultry feed. Compact and self-contained, the CP-118 AG offers “Perfect In One Pass”® grinding precision that optimizes the nutritional value of grains.

Compact & Self-Contained

A Rotochopper grain processor can be towed with a pick-up truck and sets up minutes to process raw grain into high-density livestock and poultry feed.

Easy to Operate

The CP-118 AG has a variable speed, load regulated auger feed system that maintains steady processing rates while minimizing spillage.

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cp118 ag grind into bunker

Grain Grinding Simplified

The Rotochopper CP-118 AG is highly specialized and engineered exclusively for milling grain. Through customer feedback we developed a smaller machine that could operate steadily all year within a tight footprint, keeping up with operational needs for day-to-day grinding. Farmers or contractors looking for greater volume capacity should check out our larger grinders with grain packages.

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