4 Reasons to Use Mulch in Landscaping Projects

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4 reasons to use mulch in landscaping 2020

With such a wide variety of product options in the market that can be used for landscaping projects, we wanted to answer the question – why choose mulch?

Reasons for choosing to landscape with mulch vary – and range from things such as availability, cost, and aesthetics, to name a few.

But mulch has its benefits over other available landscaping products, including:

  1. Maintains & controls soil moisture. By reducing evaporation and increasing water retention in the soil, mulch can reduce the water needed for your plants by up to two-thirds.
  2. Deters weed growth. Mulch suppresses weed growth by limiting the light weed seeds need to germinate and also by limiting the opportunity for weed seeds to come into direct contact with the soil.
  3. Lowers soil temperature. Mulch helps conserve moisture by blocking the sun, which helps the soil beneath to stay cooler, this also contributes to minimizing evaporation and water conservation.
  4. Erosion control. By stabilizing soil and reducing water runoff, mulch limits erosion of covered areas, especially when used on sloped areas or those prone to wind exposure.

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