B-66 L-Series Grinder Unveiled at Rotochopper Demo Day

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b-66l grinding log
b-66l grinding log

Rotochopper unveiled the NEW B-66 L-Series horizontal grinder, the latest addition to their line of horizonal grinders, at its annual Demo Day event in September.

The B-66 L-Series horizontal grinder is the most advanced fiber processing system on the market, designed to meet the needs of grinding larger, more abrasive feedstock materials and engineered to increase overall production rates with unmatched efficiency. Rotochopper continues to focus on innovation and growth, especially where their customers need additional solutions and flexibility – and this aggressive, robust and heavy-duty grinder hits the mark.

Rotochopper President/CEO Art de St. Aubin says, “Today’s world requires the ability to execute change with laser focus to meet your customer’s changing needs and wants. When you sell direct to end users, you have the unique advantage to listen, adapt, change and innovate through customer feedback. The new B-66 L-Series launch required extensive R&D, data evaluations, engineering assessments and most important, customer partnerships. This new heavy-duty superior machine will compete on a world-class market platform.”

The lower, longer, and less drag infeed hopper tackles the toughest grinding jobs with ease. A newly designed aggressive powerfeed pulls materials into the grinding chamber effortlessly and the 38” throat opening accommodates some of the toughest material including, large logs, whole trees, and brushy feedstocks. Remote monitoring, through Rotochopper’s RotoLink® system, provides reporting and tracking data to ensure consistent efficiency, predict maintenance needs and reduce downtime.

Customer feedback prompted Rotochopper to include the following options as standard features on the B-66L grinder: wear liners, bolt-in anvil, 24 tooth rotor with 2” thick drum, and a reinforced case; enabling the B-66L to tolerate substantial wear and tear. The B-66 L-Series grinder can be powered by either a 950 or 1050 hp diesel engine.

Pair the B-66L with the enhanced Generation II Dolly to seamlessly transition from highway transport to work site navigation in minutes. The reengineered Gen II Dolly incorporates a longer, more robust axle spread to more evenly distribute the weight of the grinder, mitigating transport restrictions and obstacles.

“Our belief is – we are not doing our customers a favor by serving them. They are doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so. Give Rotochopper that opportunity and you won’t look back!” said de St. Aubin

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