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Rotochopper pallet recycling operation

Recycling your wooden pallets is an important part of the pallet lifecycle. Due to their largely organic composition, wooden pallets are considered an environmentally superior product to other shipping materials: they’re 100% recyclable and can be reused as-is, repaired into an improved product, or ground down into a secondary profitable product.

The “highly recyclable” nature of wooden pallets, therefore, provides profitable opportunities for pallet providers to turn their pallet waste into other environmentally friendly substances, as well as pay fewer tipping fee by reducing waste per ton. Let’s take a look at how.

Rotochopper Horizontal Pallet Grinders

Wooden pallet waste is recycled through the use of a horizontal pallet grinder. Grinders use various sizes of screens and teeth to correctly cut and size the feedstock, transforming the pallet waste into new materials, including premium fiber products, such as animal bedding and colored landscape mulch.

However, not all pallet recycling solutions are built equally. Ideally, your equipment should allow you to process feedstock quickly and efficiently, saving your operation time and money whenever possible.

At Rotochopper, our electric and diesel grinders are built with “Perfect In One Pass” technology, allowing operators to maximize the efficiency of their pallet grinding business without compromising the size consistency and quality of their end product. For operations big and small, we offer grinders of various sizes and horsepower to tackle the toughest, brushiest feedstocks.

As a factory-direct company, Rotochopper’s spirit of constant innovation has led to new technology that further streamlines pallet recycling operations, including:

The combined use of Rotochopper equipment, such as horizontal grinders, screeners, conveyors, and portable baggers, will help you grind, color, move, and bag your final product. This will streamline your pallet recycling process, minimize wasted time and effort, and improve your operation’s efficiency.

Essential Equipment for Your Pallet Grinding Operation

Rotochopper provides customized solutions for pallet grinding operations to assist in the processing and transportation of recycled pallet waste. With help from one of our expert sales representatives, your organization can create a complete pallet grinding and waste processing system that minimizes waste per ton and helps you create a profitable secondary product.

Screening Systems

Rotochopper’s new MT series trommel screens further improve size consistency and allow operators to screen out fines, offering increased end product versatility. In addition to screening, our MT series can be used to color your feedstock.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems, like the Rotochopper 365 & 480 Conveyors, help you increase productivity by mitigating the need for additional operators and equipment. A Rotochopper conveyor will help reduce double handling of material through continuous stacking and storing.


If your goal is to produce fine-texture products like animal bedding with your wooden pallet waste, our grain + C&D hammermill complements our pallet grinder to help you do just that, adding ease and simplicity to the process while requiring very little maintenance.

Trailer-Loading Auger Systems

Your finished product needs to be loaded and transported efficiently. That’s where the Rotochopper trailer-loading auger system comes into play.

Our trailer-loading auger system allows you to load ground, recycled pallet waste into trailers without the need for additional manpower and resources, saving you time and money in the process.

Trust Rotochopper for the Best Pallet Recycling Equipment

Rotochopper is ready to provide you with the best and most technologically advanced pallet recycling equipment available today. Start building your complete pallet recycling system today by contacting one of our sales representatives.

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