Land Clearing Horizontal Grinders vs. Forestry Mulchers: What’s the Difference?

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Rotochopper land clearing horizontal grinder grinding wood waste.

Your operation’s efficiency is affected by countless factors, from weather conditions to the personal skills of your employees. While some of those factors remain out of your control, an important part of ensuring maximum efficiency is investing in the most effective equipment on the market for your specific use case and end product goals.

Forestry mulchers are a mainstay of the land clearing industry, but depending on what you are looking to accomplish, there may be better options for you on the market. Making the switch to a Rotochopper land clearing horizontal grinder presents multiple advantages, such as increasing your operation’s production capacity, efficiency, and output options.

Forestry Mulchers

Forestry mulchers, also called forest masticators or brush cutters, can be attached to a skid loader, excavator, purpose-built tractor, or the like. The mulcher consists of a chipping drum with teeth used to cut and grind wood waste. Typically, the mulch is left on the property to be reincorporated into the earth, preventing soil erosion, improving pH levels, and adding new nutrients.

However, forestry mulchers are not without their limitations. Typically, forestry mulchers can only handle trees that are 6–8 inches in diameter, and they do not pile the shredded wood waste, limiting the opportunity to utilize the mulch as a profitable secondary product. Depending on the chassis it’s attached to, using a forestry mulcher on uneven terrain can also compromise the control of the mulcher.

Land Clearing Horizontal Grinders

The Rotochopper B-66L is the most advanced fiber processing equipment on the market. With a 38-inch throat opening and a 950–1050 horsepower engine, the B-66L can easily tackle larger trees, as well as your brushiest feedstocks. The funneled infeed creates an easy transition to the concentric lift powerfeed, which has been optimized with aggressive torque and serrated cleats to handle a wide variety of feedstocks. Rotor teeth can be changed quickly, minimizing downtime and allowing you to tailor your land clearing horizontal grinder to your operation’s specific needs. Powerful crawler tracks ensure difficult terrain isn’t a problem.

One of the biggest advantages of the B-66L when compared to a forestry mulcher is the opportunity to reutilize wood waste as a profitable secondary product. With superior particle size consistency, the B-66L makes it easy to produce large quantities of landscaping mulch, animal bedding, or biomass fuels. And unlike a forestry mulcher, the B-66L leaves your end product neatly piled and ready to make the most of as a profitable product.

Supporting Technology and Equipment for Forestry Grinding Operations

Rotochopper horizontal land clearing grinders can be part of a complete wood waste grinding solution that includes both material handling equipment and remote monitoring systems:

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