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Ponsse and Rotochopper are pleased to announce that Messersmith Manufacturing, a maker of industrial biomass heating systems, will be joining their upcoming timber and biomass demonstration in Michigan on August 14th.

Messersmith Manufacturing will demonstrate how their biomass systems can provide economical heat from chipped or shredded wood waste. Messersmith will showcase their “Dragon” biomass system, a hands-off wood heating solution that eliminates the hassle of stoking an outdoor boiler. With the Dragon, you can simply dump in a load of chipped or shredded wood and let it run.

A Full Range of Industrial Biomass Heating Systems

messersmith mfg biomass furnace

Messersmith’s heating sytems range from 500,000 BTU/hour to 33 Million BTU/hour. Each ton of green hardwood fuel replaces 61 gallons of #2 fuel oil, 80 gallons of propane, or 76 therms of natural gas.

A Messersmith representative will be on hand to discuss the economics of their heating systems for both end users and wood fuel suppliers.

“We are excited for Messersmith to join us for this demo because we are seeing a lot of opportunities for the type of heating systems they provide,” states Ryan Schams, Rotochopper Great Lakes States Sales Representative. “Facilities like pallet shops, warehouses, and farms are looking for economical, reliable heat and are finding the answer in biomass systems that burn chipped or shredded wood.”

Wood Waste vs Natural Gas & other Fuel Sources

In the biomass market, cheap natural gas continues to make headlines, as large scale biomass facilities are closing or reducing their wood fiber intake. But just as large biomass projects are on a downward trend in certain regions, these small and mid-sized projects are starting to take off.

As Schams notes, despite the attention that natural gas currently receives, many regions simply do not have access to natural gas. “A lot of rural facilities like turkey barns can’t take advantage of cheap natural gas, but they can burn wood waste and see significant cost benefits.”
Schams stresses that availability of fuel is not the only reason for the growing interest in wood waste heating systems among poultry producers and other farmers. Wood waste tends to produce less moisture in the air than natural gas, which can impact animal health.

Connecting Suppliers & End Users

messersmith mfg biomass heater

The demonstration of Messersmith’s heating system will highlight one of the main goals of this event: connecting wood fiber suppliers with end users to create new opportunities. As Rick Kinsey of Messersmith Manufacturing observes, “When we show people how much they can save with a biomass heating system and how they can secure a steady supply of fuel, the ROI becomes very clear.” Kinsey notes that the types of companies that commonly supply biomass fuel, such as loggers, sawmills, and land clearing contractors, are also prime candidates for this type of biomass heating system. Many forestry companies, for example, heat their equipment shops with cord wood, but they can save considerable time and money by switching to an automated system like the Messersmith Dragon.

Showcasing New Opportunities

According to Schams, small biomass heating systems represent just one of the growing opportunities for companies that generate and process wood waste. “Our commitment to our customers has always relied on the ability to bring all the critical elements together in a streamlined package—the right equipment, the right industry knowledge, and the right customer support,” states Schams. “We don’t just sell a piece of grinding equipment; we work with our customers to help them capitalize on the best opportunities for their waste materials, whether that happens to be landscape mulch, animal bedding, boiler fuel, or whatever happens to be the most profitable at any given time.”

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About Rotochopper

Rotochopper manufactures an extensive line of grinding equipment that converts low grade waste into products like landscape mulch, animal bedding, compost, and biomass fuel.

About Ponsse

Ponsse specializes exclusively in forestry equipment, including harvesters and forwarders for cut-to-length timber operations.

About Messersmith Manufacturing

Messersmith Manufacturing, Inc. has been installing Biomass boiler systems across the United States for thirty years. The systems range from 500,000BTU/hour to 33 Million BTU/hour. Messersmith designs, fabricates, installs, trains operators, and services these systems.

Contact information:
Rick Kinsey
2612 F Road
Bark River, MI 49807
Phone: 906.466.9010 Ext. 109

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