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Innovation and technology advancements are nothing new to the waste industry. For many years the implementation of new technology solutions has been necessary to stay relevant in several areas of business – from general day to day business systems to process wide systems for automation, inventory, and time management.  What continues to change is how innovation and technology are being leveraged throughout organizations.

Even just a few years ago, the technology focus for manufacturing companies was likely directed toward general digital capabilities and adding systems that had the ability to collect relevant data. As solutions are becoming more dynamic, and the data that can be captured becomes more robust and fully integrated throughout an organization, focus is now turning to how companies can monitor, utilize and maximize the impact of that data.

With internal and industry wide pressures to continuously streamline processes and minimize operating costs, companies within the waste industry are looking for ways to implement innovative technology that can provide value when trying to optimize their overall operating costs. Given the fact that equipment is one of the larger investments for an organization, paired with the magnitude and negative ripple effect that downtime of a machine can have on an operation, it is clear why machine applications have become the priority.

When it comes to grinding equipment specifically, data can be provided for several key metrics including – maintenance life, vibration and bearing temperatures, engine data and production data. Through systems like Rotochopper’s RotoLink® Remote Monitoring System, this data can be used to provide real time data and support, monitor the machine in real time, provide fault detection and alarms based on selected parameters and create comprehensive machine health reports utilizing the data over a specific time period. The applications and possibilities on how this type of data can assist companies is immense. Machine operators can work with Rotochopper’s customer service team in real-time to troubleshoot and correct problems. Fault detection provides insight into potential problems, both to the operation and to Rotochopper’s customer support team, before they lead to larger issues if left unnoticed. The largest impact comes from the ability to utilize the data as a predictive maintenance tool to stay ahead of maintenance, updates, and critical issues before they ever lead to extensive downtime or more costly repairs.

The continuous advancements and options for gathering relevant machine and operation data is just getting started. Waste companies should be taking full advantage of the solutions that are currently available now – with a clear understanding of the potential these solutions will have to minimize downtime, increase efficiencies and maximize profitability.

Rotochopper’s RotoLink® Remote Monitoring System has provided customers with real-time and predictive maintenance data since it’s launch in 2017. Rotochopper’s focus on innovation and superior customer service continues to differentiate Rotochopper as a leader in the market.

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