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amerimulch colored mulch trends
According to statistics gathered by Amerimulch, the color-enhanced landscape market has posted double-digit growth since the early 2000s, despite the downturn economy. Additionally, as the market has become more sophisticated, consumer preferences for mulch shades have changed.

By Scott Thompson | Vice President Sales & Marketing | Amerimulch

The color-enriched mulch industry continues to provide strong, double-digit growth over the last five years even during these challenging economic times. There are currently over 700 national and international mulch producers, generating an estimated 31,205,000 yards of mulch annually.

When the color-enriched mulch industry began over ten years ago, we saw red as the highest impact, market-differentiating color (see graph). The red was dramatically different than conventional mulches and gave us the opportunity to penetrate the market. Once the color-holding principals and longevity of color-enriched mulch were discovered as its biggest values, we saw a shift to the more traditional colors of black and brown. As this industry continues to grow, Amerimulch looks for new colors to
bring to the market.

National Color Trends

This graph represents percentages of the color-enhanced mulch market based on Amerimulch customer data. For information on markets in your area, contact Amerimulch or your regional Rotochopper rep.

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