Organics Recycling Company Maximizes Versatility of Rotochopper Grinder

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lucky 13 b-66 l horizontal grinder green waste lucky 13 b-66 l horizontal grinder gold colored mulch
lucky 13 b-66 l horizontal grinder green waste lucky 13 b-66 l horizontal grinder gold colored mulch

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Before starting Lucky 13 Organics Recycling, owner Rich Sampson owned and operated Sampson Tree Service, providing professional tree trimming, tree removal, lot clearing, debris hauling, stump grinding, and certified arborist services to a wide and varied market in Central and Southern Florida. Rich used small chippers, as well as other grinding equipment, to take care of his tree service’s wood waste; however, disposal fees to get rid of the wood waste became a large cost
to their business.


In 2019, Rich started Lucky 13 Organics Recycling. To establish and grow his business, he needed a horizontal grinder capable of coloring and grinding wood waste into premium landscaping mulch, as well as processing green waste. Rich also needed something reliable and simple to operate, as he and his grinder operator, Shane Cowart, were the only two employees of Lucky 13 at the time.


After demoing different grinder models from several manufacturers, Rich and Shane settled on Rotochopper. “We found an ally with Rotochopper,” Rich says. “The staff clicked with us, they help us when we need help, service has been phenomenal, and the machine is well put together.”

rotochopper b-66l horizontal grinder andy shaneThey were also impressed with the efficiency of Rotochopper’s patented screen change system, as well as the experience of working with a factory-direct company. “Our favorite part about Rotochopper is that we’re not dealing with a corporate entity,” Rich notes. “I can’t say enough about the personalized attention I get when I call.”

In 2020, Rich purchased his first Rotochopper grinder, a B-66L equipped with RotoLink®, allowing him to do his own grinding. Located in Fort Pierce, Florida, Lucky 13 Organics Recycling now serves the Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie areas. The company takes in wood waste from a variety of tree care and land clearing businesses, then sorts, shears, and grinds it. After, they use their B-66L and the Rotochopper colorizer system to grind and color landscaping mulch, which they
sell wholesale.


In their two years of owning a Rotochopper, Lucky 13 has continued to refine their workflow to maximize their grinder’s uptime. They currently take in 30–35 trucks a day and sell mixed vegetation to compost facilities and organic colored mulch to landscapers and landscape supply companies. While Rich has added people to his team, Shane can still run and service the machine without much assistance from other employees. Overall, Lucky 13 is happy with the durability, service, and operational efficiency of their B-66L, as well as working with Rotochopper as a whole. “From start to finish,” Rich says, “from personnel to equipment, it’s been Rotochopper all the way for us without a second thought.”

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