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Paynesville Area Schools 8th Grade Class Tours Rotochopper

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keith tour paynesville 8th grade 2018 pat tour paynesville 8th grade 2018 paynesville 8th grade group photo 2018
keith tour paynesville 8th grade 2018 pat tour paynesville 8th grade 2018 paynesville 8th grade group photo 2018

84 students from Paynesville Area Schools 8th grade class toured Rotochopper as part of their Career Communications & Technologies class to expose them to what types of careers are available to them. “The class is new to the curriculum this year and will continue in 9th grade when speakers come to the classroom to talk about different careers. So far this year, we have shown them careers in agriculture, medicine and now manufacturing. It’s part of our strategic plan across the district to promote career exploration to our students,” said Lorie Floura, Paynesville Area Secondary School Principal.

Students split up to tour Rotochopper’s office and manufacturing facility. Tours were led by Doug (Spike) Meyer, Brad Hanson and Dave Kulzer, customer service, Pat Burg, quality assurance, and Keith Burg, operations. Students asked questions like: how many welders work in the shop – 30-40 full time welders, what is the biggest machine you manufacture – B-66 1050 hp diesel grinder, and how do you help you customers when they need support – there are service techs in St. Martin and across the United States that can help customers over the phone or on site.

Following the tour, the students received a snack, beverage, hats and football souvenirs.

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