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Rotochopper University 2017 offers grinder operators an opportunity to learn best practices directly from the factory-direct grinder experts at Rotochopper headquarters.

Rotochopper University sessions were conducted February 16-17, 2017 & February 23-24, 2017 at Rotochopper headquarters in St. Martin, MN. Machine owners and operators came from all over the US & Canada to receive training on proper grinder operation and maintenance, wood fiber markets and to learn about grinder features that are unique to Rotochopper.

Adam Asmus, Rotochopper Customer Service Manager, demonstrates rotor bearing maintenance.Students took a manufacturing facility tour, received classroom instruction, watched a hands-on main bearing replacement demonstration, and engaged in lots of networking opportunities. Classroom sessions included instruction on ‘how your grinder works’ and ‘what can happen when you don’t take care of your grinder’, ‘how to perform preventative maintenance’ and ‘types of products your grinder can produce’. “It’s a great opportunity to network with other customers and the information is simple and relative to real life situations,” said Doug (Spike) Meyer, Director of Customer Service.

Les Boyett of AKA Tree Removal said he came to Rotochopper University to learn more about the mulch market as well as other market opportunities for the product his grinder produces, become educated on how to take care of his machine, and obtain operational experience. “I sold them [grinders] for the competitor, but didn’t have operational experience.”

Rotochopper University is offered to all new machine owners who purchased machines the previous year.

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