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EC-366 Pallet One

Each model in our electric grinder line-up is purpose-built for stationary electric operation and designed to fully capitalize on the advantages of electric power.  We’ve been manufacturing electric grinding equipment for about as long as we’ve been building diesel models.  During that time, through a constant commitment to R & D and attention to customer concerns, we’ve been developing an electric line-up capable of standing next to our diesel models.

Unlike most grinder manufacturers, we never offer re-configured mobile diesel models by simply exchanging engines with motors and replacing the hydraulic systems.  Because our electric grinders are designed from the ground up for stationary electric-powered operation, we are able to provide the features and options our customers need—like standard motor soft starts and full-length collection conveyors—without having to pay for features they won’t use, like axles, hitches, and folding conveyors.

Like our diesel models, Rotochopper electric grinders have earned a strong reputation for superior particle size control and impressive versatility.  They combine much of the same proven technology as our diesel models with features and options that set them apart from other electric grinders on the market, including:

  • Standard motor soft starts to optimize efficiency and eliminate rapid start damage
  • Optional hydraulic start assist or Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) if needed
  • Comprehensive control systems with advanced monitoring and diagnostic capabilities
  • Full-length collection conveyor for cleaner operation
  • Multiple discharge conveyor styles and sizes to suit different material handling needs
  • Several dust control options

Advanced Electronics

These rugged machines feature sophisticated control systems that allow precise setting adjustments and provide advanced diagnostic capabilities, optimizing efficiency and uptime.  The control system automatically regulates feed rates according to motor amp draw, keeping the rotor and main motor at peak performance.  Motor soft starts are standard, reducing power consumption at start-up and enhancing motor longevity.  Soft starts reduce damage to the motor, drive belt, and other components by allowing a gradual start-up.  (Incentives may be available from your power company for the use of motor soft starts.)

Exclusive Technology

When matched with exclusive Rotochopper technology, like our unique bale processing system or our one-pass colorizer, the rugged dependability you get with our electric grinders provides steady production of high-quality finished products.

Bottom line, nothing beats the efficiency and reliability of electric power, and nothing beats the total cost of operation of a Rotochopper electric grinder.

Contact us to find out how a Rotochopper electric grinder can optimize the efficiency of your operation.

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