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refurbished vs used wood grinder dealer vs factory direct upkeep vs uptime
refurbished vs used wood grinder dealer vs factory direct upkeep vs uptime
Refurbished equipment works with the factory direct sales model, where it often fails with a dealer network model, because of the direct relationship with the customer.

Refurbished Equipment & the Factory-Direct Model

I joined Rotochopper in 2007, I traded not only forestry & construction equipment for grinding equipment but also a traditional dealer network for a factory-direct sales model. One surprising change that came along with this different sales model was a different approach to used equipment. Of course, used machinery is a huge part of any industry that depends on heavy equipment. Used grinding equipment is no exception. Used Rotochopper equipment continues to be a very popular choice for both entry level and higher volume grinding operations. As expected, used Rotochopper equipment immediately became a big focus of my role as a Rotochopper representative. But, as I quickly discovered upon joining Rotochopper, my approach to the used equipment market would need to change from simply equipment that was available “as is” to refurbished equipment.

Trading Used Equipment for Refurbished Equipment

Refurbished MC.

In my previous experience with the forestry and construction industry, refurbished equipment accounted for a tiny fraction of the overall used equipment market. For Rotochopper, however, the factory refurbishment program is consistently popular within wide ranging markets, including landscape mulch wholesalers, pallet recyclers, and recycling centers.

Rotochopper’s factory direct sales and service model is a big factor in the success of the refurbishment program. Equipment refurbishment works very well with a factory direct model for several reasons, as I will describe below. The most important reasons have nothing to do with the refurbishment process itself. The success of our refurbishment program has everything to do with the way the machine fits the end user’s needs and Rotochopper’s commitment to support our customers whether they are buying new or refurbished equipment.

History of Innovation

The first Rotochopper grinder was designed to make a quality finished product with minimal operating costs. That same goal has guided our R & D ever since. A refurbished grinder will have many of the same exclusive features as a brand new machine.

Used Grinding Equipment Matched to Customer Needs

used “as is” equipment market is based entirely on what is available, not what the end user needs in terms of options or configurations. By contrast, Rotochopper is able to include options like colorizers, abrasion packages, and different style rotors to name just a few during the refurbishment process. Because we have direct relationships with our customers, we refurbish used wood grinders and shingle grinders to match the customer’s needs.

Sales & Service Focused on Grinding Equipment

Refurbished equipment works very well with the factory direct model for another very important reason: specialization. Whereas dealerships usually represent diversified product lines, Rotochopper is focused on grinding equipment. Used Rotochopper grinders get refurbished in the same factory, by the same people, as new Rotochopper grinders.

Unmatched Customer Service

Whether you choose new, used, or refurbished Rotochopper equipment you get responsive support from experts in grinding equipment and grinding markets.

Thoroughly Inspected, Refurbished, and Tested

refurbishment process goes far beyond cosmetic enhancements. Many of the machine’s systems get stripped down to the frame before we begin the refurbishment process. We repair, replace, or update worn or damaged components to get the grinder ready for making mulch, animal bedding, fuel, or other end products with consistent uptime.

An Unbeatable Value

We know that our customers come to us with similar goals, whether they are looking for new, used, or refurbished grinding equipment. In almost all cases, our customers want to make quality fiber products with minimal costs. Refurbished Rotochopper equipment can help achieve that goal by lowering the capital costs of grinding equipment, while offering better peace of mind than run of the mill used equipment. You won’t find a better deal on the used equipment market.

Refurbished vs. Used Grinding Equipment

To learn about the advantages of refurbished equipment over used “as is” equipment, check out this story about a Rotochopper customer who purchased a used grinder and a refurbished grinder. My customer Steve Schweitzer of C & D Recycling in Cincinnati, OH knows firsthand the advantages of refurbished vs. used.

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