Rotochopper Go-Bagger® 250 Training & Operation

Thank you for choosing the Rotochopper Go-Bagger® 250.

Our goals in manufacturing the Go-Bagger® are simple, your success and your safety. This training & operating information will help you operate your Go-Bagger® 250 safely and efficiently. Before operating or maintaining the Go-Bagger® 250, please read all safety instructions in the operator’s manual. Make sure all operators are trained in safe operating practices. Please contact Rotochopper customer service if you have any questions.

Go-Bagger® 250 Setup & Operation Videos

Introduction to the Rotochopper Go-Bagger® 250

Setting up the Rotochopper Go-Bagger® 250

Operating the Rotochopper Go Bagger® 250

Adjusting Settings on the Rotochopper Go-Bagger® 250

Transporting the Rotochopper Go-Bagger® 250

Rotochopper Go-Bagger® 250 Erosion Sock Attachement

Contact Customer Service

Please contact Rotochopper’s Customer Service Team if you have any questions.


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